Fulton Road Bridge


  Cuyahoga County, Ohio




  Kokosing Construction

  Construction Cost:    

  $46 Million

Project Details

JSE provided construction engineering services for the Contractor on this complex arch bridge. This bridge on Fulton Road spans over a portion of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Six of the spans replicated the existing structure to maintain aesthetics and minimize disturbance to the Zoo. The main spans were composed of four adjacent arch ribs 210 ft long that carry Fulton Road over 100 feet above the valley floor. JSE’s services included determining design loadings and stresses on the bridge for all stages of erection and construction phasing. Construction engineering services included design of the staged demolition of the existing structure, preparing integrated shop drawings and calculations for the pre-cast post-tensioned arch ribs, erection sequencing analysis, and design support during construction. JSE designed all the falsework towers and temporary stays in addition to proposing many innovative erection procedures that ensured efficiency and safety during construction.